Hartman Puppetry: Bob Hartman, Creator and Performer

Bob Hartman has created puppetry that wonderfully entertains a wide variety of adult audiences from club to theater venues. He has represented the U.S. in international festivals, receiving the prestigious UNIMA award for excellence. Hartman has appeared worldwide in theaters, festivals, and on television, including Thames TV and the BBC in England, and over here, on the Disney Channel and National PBS.

His wide ranging appeal and compact portable theater allows exceptional entertainment wherever barbarians or genteel folk gather.

“His is a magical sense of puppetry that ranks among the finest in the world.”
–Mike Oz, President UNIMA, International Puppetry

“I watched his show twice, my jaw sagging on my chest. The best manipulator/performer I have ever seen. Hysterically funny.”
–Mike Hares, London Puppetry Journal

While Bob is working on updating his puppet show, he is available to perform on a limited basis. Please contact him to discuss your needs at hartmanpuppetry@gmail.com.

Send Bob an email if you want to be on his mailing list and be informed about upcoming performances.